Are you looking for original cat videos? Paws Media provides engaging and original videos for your social media channels.
Is your social media portfolio optimized with original and engaging video content? Paws Media has the viral cat videos you need. Who doesn’t like a good cat video?

Why focus on mobile video for your social media presence?

You barely need to scroll through your feed to understand how dominant videos have become for all social media platforms. Here are some stats:

Original video content

User-generated or user-created content is free but who is the real copyright holder? Paws Media provides brand-safe, high-quality fresh original video content with a non-exclusive enhanced license suitable for any audience and purrfect for your brand or clients. And if you are looking for exclusive license cat videos with full ownership Paws Media can help you also.
  • Maximize the social media ROI

    Having great original viral video content gives you the opportunity to really stand out and to maximize the social media ROI for your posts!
  • Original content

    Social media is a powerful tool that creates an unlimited appetite for original content, leading to the question: What to post? Sharing a mix of organic and curated video content provides balance and shows that you know what's important to your audience. Cats generates 3.5 times more viral traffic than the average post.
  • Conveying emotive content

    Video stories are an effective way of conveying emotive content. Viewing cat videos boosts energy and positive emotions.


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